RasterVect : Frequently Asked Questions

We've received a huge amount of letters from our customers reporting strange errors in RasterVect.
Here is a solution. Don't be fooled by crackers.
Cracks to RasterVect ( including keygens ) won't work.
You should register RasterVect instead of cracking it.

Q: I though that I would receive the latest upgrade with the purchase of RasterVect 2.07. I am using your program since purchased with good time savings. I am looking forward to the latest.

A: Registered users can visit Download Page on our site and download the latest version of their purchase.

Q: I would like to know if you have checked out Draftmaster 2000 and what you think about it. How do you think it stacks up with RasterVect?

: We didn't check out Draftmaster 2000. But any CAD-program that imports dxf-format (or emf/wmf/eps/ai) will be able to work with RasterVect.

Q: I have not received my personal license that I paid for. I have waited and no email about unlocking or registering the software. 
     I don't understand what I should do to register.

: If you have received a file it is the full-function version and registration number is not required.
    Only unzip attached zip-file and run setup.exe. Enjoy.

Q: Please let us know whether payment can be made thru cheque/dd and if any dealer of the software is situated in Doha, Qatar.

: There is not a local dealer in Qatar that carries this product; it is only available for purchase online at ShareIt . You may pay through the mail by completing the Online Order Form here:


and selecting "Offline Payment" during the order process. You will then be able to print an order form to send us with your payment in the form of US Dollar Bank Draft or International Money Order. We would email you download instructions for the software upon receipt of payment.

Q: What programming language and database is this program written in? 
    I would not want to load any dll's or runtimes that are not well behaved in my system. 

A: The program is written on C++ and consists of one EXE-file.
    Does not require additional modules and DLLs.

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